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Arizona Biographical Database

The entries in our biographical database refer to persons in our collection of books, newspaper articles, periodicals, obituaries and vertical files. This is not a complete listing of the names of people who appear in our records nor does this list include all of the records in which an individual may appear. This list is being constantly updated.

NOTE: There are over 100,000 entries in the database. Please use SEARCH to narrow your selection. Using BROWSE will provide all entries by a specific starting letter, divided into 50 entries per page, resulting in up to 500 pages per letter of the alphabet.


When doing archival research by email please include:

  • your name
  • correct mailing and email address
  • the full name of the person you are looking for
  • the town or county in which he or she lived
  • approximate dates the person lived in Arizona
  • what type of document you need (e.g. marriage license)
Note: We have only birth certificates before 1928 and death certificates before 1953