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1. Accepting all donations, regardless of condition, is a good public relations policy.
True     False

2. Types of gift items that might be explicitly excluded by the library’s policy include: (check all that apply)
a. Textbooks
b. Magazines and journals
c. Unrestricted monetary gifts
d. Encyclopedias more than five years old
e. Home recorded videos, DVD’s and CDs
f. “Retired” formats (i.e., LP records perhaps)
g. Coffee table art books

3. A “quick and dirty” approach to weeding is appropriate under which of the following circumstances: (check all that apply)
a. The collection has been systematically weeded regularly
b. the library is automating its holdings for the first time
c. The library collection has seldom / never been systematically weeded
d. The staff does not like the idea of weeding
e. The collection needs to be moved soon

4. It is not necessary to establish policy and procedures for weeding—just do it!
True     False

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