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1. It is clear that collection development is a library operation that functions in isolation from most other operations and services in the library.
True     False

2. Appropriately questioning the status quo in library operations is the responsibility of all staff but should be done with sensitivity and within the confines of the existing structure.
True     False

3. Which of the following library responsibilities or operations can influence the success of the collection development goals and operations:
a. Cataloging
b. Circulation
c. Programming
d. Processing and labeling
e. Design of the library’s home page
f. Administration
g. Budget allocations
h. All of the above
4. What was once “best practice” in small public libraries will always remain the best way to do things because we have so few staff members.
True     False

5. Some of the most important places where libraries might consider cost-benefit issues related to collection development are:
a. Technical services
b. Mending and repair
c. Cataloging
d. Janitorial services
e. Packaging of AV materials
f. Overdue notices and fines

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