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1. Which of the following are factors to consider when budgeting and selecting audiovisual resources? (select all that apply)
a. Ease of cataloging this type of resource
b. Learning styles
c. Types of intelligence
d. The purpose of the resource
e. The amount of use this type of resource/format gets in your library
f. The mission of the library

2. As long as there is at least one person in the community who wants to use an obsolete format, the library has to keep that format available.
True     False

3. Maps, atlases and globes are audiovisual items which need updating often:
True     False
4. Which of the following groups are likely to enjoy audio books: (check all that apply)
a. senior citizens
b. preschool children
c. middle grade children
d. commuters
e. truck drivers
f. all of the above

5. Audiovisual materials are merely frills and libraries should be primarily about books and reading, not listening and/or viewing.
True     False

6. When selecting movies to include in a public library’s collection, it is not appropriate to select currently popular feature films because then the library is taking business away from local rental outlets.
True     False

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