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1. The “quality vs. demand” debate for public library collections is no longer as crucial an issue as it once was because of the following factors: (check all that apply)
a. Electronic networks
b. Interlibrary loan availability
c. No one wants to read so-called “classics”
d. Everything we select is of the highest quality
e. We recognize the differences in mission among types of libraries

2. In order to be a good selector it is important to do the following:
a. Read reviews from a variety of sources
b. Know publishers and their reputations
c. Know the community of well
e. Be familiar with the existing resources in your library
f. Be well informed about the world, current events & popular culture
g. All of the above
h. None of the above
3. General selection criteria includes elements related to which of the following:
a. Potential use
b. Country of origin
c. Your interests and preferences
d. Quality of construction (however that applies for different formats)
e. Subject matter

4. Libraries should never buy expensive items because they can buy many more things if they only buy inexpensive titles, formats, and editions.
True     False

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