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1. The acquisition of an electronic database is different than most purchases by a library because: (select all that apply)
a. Database content seldom becomes the property of the library
b. The contract or purchase is merely a license to use it for a period of time
c. The contract specifies who is eligible to use the resource
d. Any fulltime library employee may sign the contract for the license
e. Legal responsibilities rest with the library to make a good faith effort to protect the product from unlawful use or abuse

2. Software advances have little impact on the choices made by small libraries.
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3. In selecting websites to include in pathfinders or in identifying electronic resources to be included in the catalog, the two most important questions to ask are: Is the quality of this resource high?
a. Is this resource prepared by an American?
b. Does this resource fit the mission, policies and priorities of this library?
c. Does this resource include lots of visual material?
d. Is this resource likely to stay at this web location (URL)?

4. WebJunction is especially important for its training offerings and general information about technological applications for libraries.
True     False

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