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1. In today’s public library, indexing of a periodical title in paper indexes is seldom a factor in selection.
True     False

2. Which one of the following factors has most influenced the length of the holding period for back issues of periodicals in public libraries in recent years?
a. The declining quality of periodical literature
b. The availability of full-text periodical databases
c. A decreased literacy rate among high school students
d. The failure of schools to require research projects by students

3. The last two important elements of the collection development policy are which of the following:
a. It means buying the same thing twice—in paper & in microform
b. Companies are no longer producing micro file products
c. Micro formats are not user-friendly
d. The equipment to use it is expensive
e. Electronic files can be searched more easily than micro formats
f. Micro formats cannot be used off-site without special equipment
4. Important considerations in the selection of any serial publication include the following: (check all that apply)
a. Annual cost commitment
b. On-going processing expenses
c. Storage space
d. Holding period
e. Frequency of issues
f. All of the above

5. A “current 12 month” holding period is not the same as “current year” as a holding period for newspapers or back issues of a periodical. True     False

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