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1. A special collection may be justified for which of the following reasons? (check all that apply)
a. To provide a place for small items and to save the effort of separately cataloging many little things such as pamphlets.
b. To provide security and safety for materials which are rare, expensive or difficult to replace
c. To keep a diverse collection of materials related to a single topic all together in one place for ease of use by researchers
d. To enable the staff to simply point people in the right direction rather than helping them to learn to use the tools such as the catalog supplied by the library.
e. To preserve items which are themselves artifacts of their time and place.

2. Local history and culture, rather than extensive duplicative “state” collections are the special purview of public libraries and are to be encouraged.
True     False
3. The term “special collection” always implies a collection that cannot be taken from the library.
True     False

4. Selecting for a special collection may require exploring unique sources including which of the following: (mark all that apply)
a. A major university bookstore
b. State historical journals
c. Local governmental officials and their documents
d. High school yearbooks
e. Personal network of community information
f. All of the above

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