Morris Goldwater

General Information

January 16, 1852
London, England
April 11, 1939
Prescott, Yavapai Co., AZ, USA
Masonic Cemetery, Prescott, Yavapai Co., Arizona

Legislative Resolution

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Biographical Information

The following is from Jo Conners' Who's Who in Arizona (Tucson, AZ:  Jo Conners, 1913), p. 212:

Morris Goldwater, vice president of the Prescott National Bank and Mayor of Prescott, is also a member of the firm of M. Goldwater & Bros., leading merchants in the Southwest, with stores in Prescott and Phoenix.  He is also one of Arizona's best known citizens, staunchest Democrats, and ablest business men.  He was born in London, Eng., in 1852, but in 1854 his parents arrived in California, where they remained until 1861, when they came to Arizona and settled in La Paz.  There his father engaged in business, and in 1871 they opened a store in Phoenix.  Mr. Goldwater has always taken an active part in banking interests and is now secretary of the State Bankers' Association.  He has also served for many years as treasurer of this association.  In 1873 he was nominated for the legislature by the Democrats of Maricopa County, but the election proved a tie.  During his residency in Phoenix, Mr. Goldwater was instrumental in having the military telegraph line built into the city, furnished room and instruments and was the first operator.  In 1876 he located in Prescott, his present home.  He is now serving his third term as Mayor, and has been a member of the City Council during several terms.  He has also been a member of the Board of Supervisors and Board of School Examiners of Yavapai County, and of the Territorial Board of Equalization.  He was member of the Council of the Twelfth Legislature, Chief Clerk of the House in the Thirteenth, and President of the Council in the Twentieth.  Mr. Goldwater was a member of the First Democratic Convention held in Arizona, and in the Legislature was an indefatigable worker for his county and constituents.  It has ever been noted that Mr. Goldwater's relations with those among whom he worked, whether politically or otherwise, have been exceedingly harmonious, while his sense of justice and of what is due the other side have been the occasion of many a flattering, but deserved comment.  He is an active and learned Mason of the thirty-second degree, member of the Mystic Shrine, and Past Grand Master of the Order in Arizona.  He is also a member of the Elks and State Treasurer of the association.

In 1937, the Arizona House passed a resolution on his birthday:


Whereas, on Saturday, January 16, 1937, Hon. Morris Goldwater, of Prescott, will have reached the eighty-fifth milestone of his journey through life, in the sixty-eighth year of his residence in Arizona; and

Whereas, there is probably no man living who has played a more interesting part in the history and development of Arizona, or more highly exemplified the life of a true pioneer and builder; and

Whereas, it would be impossible to recount the great list of civic and industrial achievements of this unusual citizen, but it is well to recall that as a public servant he served the Territory of Arizona as a member of the council of the Twelfth Territorial Legislature, as president of that body in the Twentieth Legislature, as Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives of the Thirteenth Legislature, and as a member of the Territorial Board of Equalization; that he was a distinguished member and vice-president of the constitutional convention which framed the organic law of this State, and occupied a seat in the Senate of the second State Legislature; that in a sense not without justification he might be termed the Father of the City of Prescott, to which he has given his administrative talents for a time so long that the oldest citizen scarcely recalls its beginning, though it is well remembered that as Mayor he holds a record of twenty-six consecutive years. In the field of business his accomplishments are not less notable, for as Merchant and Banker he has occupied the forefront rank throughout a long and eminently successful career; and

Whereas, it is fitting that acknowledgment be rendered of the debt this State owes to this sturdy, forthright, and constructive citizen; therefore

Be it resolved by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

1.  That it is the sense of this body that the Honorable Morris Goldwater is recognized as one of Arizona's most distinguished, most capable, and most successful builders, whose contributions to the civic, business, and social life and development of the Territory and State will not be forgotten.

2.  That the hearty felicitations of the Legislature upon the attainment of a station so rich in years, memories, and the affectionate regard of his fellow citizens are cordially extended, with the sincere wish that he may enjoy yet many other years of pleasant contemplation of a life so filled with worthy deeds.

Passed the House Jan. 15, 1937

Passed the Senate January 15, 1937

The following is from the Legislative death resolution:

Whereas, on April 11, 1939, death removed Morris Goldwater from his beloved Arizona; and

Whereas, the spirit of this revered pioneer, who devoted seventy-two years of his life to this state, can never leave Arizona nor be forgotten by any Arizonian; and

Whereas, Mr. Goldwater's abiding faith in the destiny of Arizona will forever stand as an example to those, who follow; and

Whereas, the deceased during his life was universally recognized as one of Arizona's most distinguished, capable, and illustrious builders, who contributed inestimably to the civic, business, and social development of the territory and state; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona is infinitely better for having had the public services of the deceased, who generously gave of his time as mayor of Prescott, as county supervisor, as member of the twelfth territorial council and president of the twentieth territorial council, as vice-president of the constitutional convention. of 1910, and as a member of the senate of the second legislature, all of which offices he filled admirably, contributing notably to the organic and statutory law of Arizona,….

Additional Information

Morris Goldwater” signed the Arizona State Constitution twice on December 9, 1910, once as Vice-President of the Constitutional Convention and once as a delegate from Yavapai County.

He was the uncle of the late U.S. Senator from Arizona, Barry Morris Goldwater


Occupation Title Years
Business/Financial/Office merchant, M. Goldwater & Bros.
Business/Financial/Office vice president, Prescott National Bank
Education/Library member, Board of School Examiners of Yavapai County
Government mayor, Prescott, Arizona
Government member, Territorial Board of Equalization
Government member, Yavapai County Board of Supervisors
Science/Engineering/Technology telegrapher

Arizona Legislative Service

Session Chamber Party District City County Office Notes
2nd Legislature, Regular Senate Democrat Yavapai - (1912-30) (1931-66 Senate) Prescott Yavapai
2nd Legislature, 1st Special Senate Democrat Yavapai - (1912-30) (1931-66 Senate) Prescott Yavapai
2nd Legislature, 2nd Special Senate Democrat Yavapai - (1912-30) (1931-66 Senate) Prescott Yavapai


Birth: AZ death record: Morris Goldwater, parents:  Michael and Sarah (Nathan) Goldwater; Death and Cemetery: AZ death record; Occupation(s): Jo Conners' Who's Who in Arizona (Tucson, AZ:  Jo Conners, 1913), p. 212